1. Premise (EP)

    by Mayster for Sci-Fi & Fantasy Records

    Album Art by me :) 


  2. Album Cover I did for Blacky II ‘s release for Sci-Fi & Fantasy Records 


  3. the Bat Cave - where legends linger 


  4. random gif practice 


  5. Ona Rygelis by Emilija Rygelis


  6. Rifo - Digital Paint Drawing 


  7. Twins in the Tub. 

    Em and Ona 1992


  8. My artist brother Max Johnston 

    Ren Graffiti - most recent fill-in. 


  9. Doodle 


  10. White to Black - painting walls at The Hole Gallery 


  11. with my Boss Lady, Kate Power at Full Moon NYC. Shot by Kaitlin Parry, Shoot People


  12. Steve Aoki - Portrait, digital paint



  14. dreemzcompany:

    The only answer.


  15. DJZ team NYC